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What is a Mini Pie Maker?

Let’s start with the basics. First, what is a mini pie maker?
Pie makers are a simple, user-friendly kitchen accessory that lets you make your own sweet, customized, personal mini pies.


Reviews – The Best for You

We take the guess work out of deciding which mini pie maker works best for you and your kitchen- and let you know which pie maker delivers the most consistent results.


Successful Mini Pie Recipes

Mini pies are the new trend. People want them. But these small petite pies come with problems. What are they? How do we fix them?

Pie Maker Rank List

Pie MakerManufacture / Model Pie Size & CountPower & ReviewsRating / Price
emeril pie makerEmeril SM2205004 Pie & Cake Maker4-inch pie x four1100 Watts
2.5 out of 3 stars (2.5 / 3)
breville pie makerBreville BPI640XL Personal Pie Maker4-inch pie x four1200 Watts
2.5 out of 3 stars (2.5 / 3)
babycakes-purple-makerSelect Brands Inc.
PM-44 Babyscake Pie Maker
3.5-inch pie x four1400 Watts
1.8 out of 3 stars (1.8 / 3)
nostalgia-pie-makerNostalgia Products Group LLC PIE400 Mini Pie Maker3.5-inch pie x four1400 Watts
1.7 out of 3 stars (1.7 / 3)

Mini Pie Maker – Reviews, Recipes and Tips

We’ll show you just how to get the best use out of your personal pie maker, and impress your family and friends with these incredible little hand held treats.

Unfortunately, the instructions that sometimes come with mini pie makers can be worded confusingly, or omit important features and tricks.  We hate seeing our family and friends returning pie makers to the store, or allowing them to collect dust due to not knowing how best to use them.  Follow our tips and tricks, try our tasty and simple recipes, and soon you, too, can enjoy one of the world’s most comforting treats: a mini pie, baked right in your own home.

The complaints we hear

Mini pie makers can sometimes baffle even the most experienced of kitchen cooks.  Occasionally, we’ll hear complaints about mini pie makers such as:

  • No power switch to turn the unit off and on again.
  • No temperature controls on the heating plates.
  • The heating plates are difficult to clean, since the mini pie maker is not dishwasher-safe.
  • The top and bottom of the pie bakes unevenly.

They go through our test kitchen

Have no fear: we’ve been down this road a time or two, and we’re here to lend you with the best possible advice and experience in working with personal pie makers.  We’ll review popular pie makers on the market, give you a few tips and tricks for best practice when cooking with a pie maker, and even let you in on some secrets along the way.  Our recipes are top notch, tried and true, and we are always one hand for your every question or concern.

Ready to go?  Let’s begin!  You’ll never regret entering into the world of mini pie makers; and your family and friends will thank you for the abundance of delicious mini pies.

What is a Mini Pie Maker?

Mini pie makers are a simple, user-friendly kitchen accessory that lets you make your own sweet, customized, personal mini pies. In standard pie makers, two metal plates heat up to bake mini pies in a contained cavity. With the help of a smart electric heating element, these pie makers bake your favorite mini pie recipe to perfection, each and every time.

There is a pie maker for you

Personal pie makers come in a variety of colors and designs, as well as different metal heating elements. Each different type of pie maker has its own pros and cons, but here at Mini Pie Maker, we recommend stainless steel mini pie makers, which offer both durability as well as consistency.

We here at Mini Pie Maker will help you choose the best personal pie maker that fits you and your kitchen needs. Our website is an ongoing, constantly updated project; keep checking back with us for all the latest news and recommendations on mini pie makers, including both the new and older models available on the market today.

Show and tell

At Mini Pie Maker, we will show you -not just tell you!- how to best use your pie maker. We hear from many customers who get frustrated early on with their new pie makers and end up returning them. Don’t let this be you! We can help guide you to a perfect batch of delicious, home-baked mini pies… every time.

And always, we will be here to supply you with great mini pie recipes you can use in your own mini pie maker.

About the Review

We vet personal pie maker on the market with our own specially designed guide for user functionality. We take the guess work out of deciding which pie maker works best for you and your kitchen- and let you know which personal pie maker delivers the most consistent results. After all, we’re all here for the same reason; to make delicious mini pies in our mini pie maker, to share with family, friends and coworkers.

Each of our thorough reviews will cover:

1. The easiest way to clean and properly season your pie maker.

2. The rate of cooking and crust appearance; does this pie maker bake a clean, golden crust each and every time?

3. The speed at which the pie maker bakes its pies. We’ve found that anything between 8 and 12 minutes is the golden timeframe; anything above or below that amount can result in subpar mini pies.

4. What type of filing works best? We usually advise a thick, pre-cooked filling, as this typically guarantees a better pie, no matter the personal pie maker brand or type.

5. What type of pie dough works best? Breville, makers of the world’s most popular personal pie maker, recommends using store-bought pie crust for their pies. They stand behind a puff pastry top and a pastry dough bottom. Not able to or disinterested in purchasing store-bought dough? We have plenty of recipes on hand that give you a consistently delicious mini pie, each time- with tips and tricks along the way to guide you to mini pie perfection.

6. How much filling is required? Some mini pie makers have a deeper cavity than most. We let you know just how deep these are; with recommended guidelines for each pie maker.

7. Tips and Tricks to guarantee success; sometimes this is as easy as letting you in on the “pie tamper” secret; to ensure a crack free dough, mold chilled pie dough against the bottom of the mini pie tamper that comes with each pie maker. It helps shape the dough into a perfect bottom crust, each and every time.

8. How to not waste dough? We’ll let you in on just how to use the maximum amount of dough, to make sure none is wasted.

9. Price Cost Effectiveness. We’ll let you know just how simple and/or time consuming the production of mini pies can be with each personal pie maker review. That way, you’ll know when you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

10. Quality, Durability, and Construction: Is the mini pie maker too flimsy? Too heavy to clean easily? Will it hold up to even the most strenuous of mini pie making marathons?

11. Customer Service: How well can you get a hold of the company’s customer service, should things go wrong? We’ll make that first call for you, and let you know how the experience is, and what you can expect.

12. Performance and Versatility: Last but not least, the performance of the mini pie maker is what’s really at stake here. We’ll tell you just what we think, from soup to nuts, of the end product of each and every personal pie maker we review.

Others have attempt to offer help using pie makers. Some have done an excellent job. However, none are devoted as this site here. So we know with the tips and reviews here, you’ll be baking lovely mini pies.