Pie Maker Tips

Unsure of what we meant by “cutting the dough with the pastry cutter”? Read on for a more detailed description:   READ MORE

How to use the pastry cutter

Lightly flour the work surfaces the dough would be rolled on. Roll out the dough and dust the surface of the dough with more flour over a flat surface. You will cut out four pie tops using the smaller end and for pie bottoms (bases) using the larger end of the pastry cutter.

Caution – The edge of the pastry cutter can be sharp when applying pressure.

The pie cutter is more comfortable to use if you nest the Pastry Press (tamper) inside the Pastry Cutter and push down with the palm of your hand.

Start by gently placing the pastry cutter to the edge of the dough. Press down firmly and evenly. Give a little wiggle, but do not twist as this will tear the pastry. Now move on and repeat the process for the other pastry circles.