Babycakes Pie Maker Review


First of all, right out of the box, I was excited to use this pie maker because of the pretty pink color. This thing looks so cute that just looking at it made me happy. So for this it is the prettiest and Barbie like pie maker. However, its construction is not as sturdy and durable as the Breville.

The Babycakes pie maker I reviewed is NOT THE ONE I RECOMMEND YOU BUY. Let me explain, I found out later through Babycakes that they sell two different pie makers; one is pink (the one here) and the other is purple (the one to buy). Apparently, the pink units(PM54S) are sold through a third party. These pink units could be refurbished and would not have their warranty guaranteed. However, the two units are identical except for their color and design. So, stay away from the delux and buy the purple model (PM-44).

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This unit might not be the best, but you can get it for a bargain Babycakes pie maker can be had for half the cost or less than the Breville. The unit can bake four personal pies in just 10 to 15 minutes. Each cavity can hold two circles of pie dough plus 1/4 cup of filling.


Review Rating

Overall Rating: (1.8 / 3)
Performance: (2.7 / 3)
Construction: (1.5 / 3)
Cost: (2.5 / 3)
Customer Service: (3.0 / 3)
You would be satisfied with it.
Bakes consistently.
Adequate quality and durability.
Pie maker is inexpensive.
Excellent customer support.


  • Model Number: PM-44
  • Capacity: Four Pie Cavities
  • Mini Pie Size: 3 1/2 (three and half) inches diameter
  • Personal Pie Filling Capacity: 1/4 Cup (about one third cup)
  • Baking Power: 1400 Watts
  • Cooking Surface: Non-Stick
  • Included Accessories: Pastry Cutter and Pastry Tamper
  • Color: Purple enamel paint exterior
  • Dimensions: 11 1/4″ x 12 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ high.
  • Weight: 6 lb. 3 oz.
  • Warranty: One Year Limit

Phone Customer Support

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Babycakes Pie Maker website:

Instruction Manual

Download or view the Babycakes Pie Maker Manual here:
Babycakes Pie Maker Manual

Babycakes Pie Maker is a Bargain for the Money

The Babycakes pie maker does a pretty good job baking golden delicious mini pies. You’ll enjoy the aroma of fresh baked pie in your own kitchen without heating up the oven. Bake 4 individual pies in just 10 to 15 minutes. The baking surface is non-stick coating. It will bake fruit pies, pot pies, quiches and some cakes quick and easy. The Babycakes unit comes with pastry cutters for the top and bottom crust, and a pie tamper.

Talking about the pastry cutters. They were quite flimsy and cheap. You must be delicate with them when you apply pressure to cut out your dough. Or they just might crack and fall apart.

The pink color is nice, but it seems it will discolor after a few use due to hot steam and smoke coming from the baking pies.

Since this pie maker does not et super hot, it could take 15 to 17 minutes to bake your mini pies.

One good thing about the slower cooker is the filling does not need to be pre-cooked for most pies. Bake the filling right inside the pie.

However the long baking dried out the filling some and the crust was dry but cooked evenly.

The manual includes some nice pie recipes, simple hints and suggestions that will be of some help to you. But, you need our missing manual to complete this unit for baking wonder pies. The unit features some standard things like 1400 watts of cooking power, power and ready lights, convenient cord wrap, latching handle and more.

One big plus about the pie maker is that the top and bottom cavities cook more evenly than the Breville. This unit is less likely to burn your pie tops and leave a “black ring of death,” that burnt edge around the pie.

Babycakes customer service deserves high remarks. Guess what, they actually answer their phones on the first five rings and NO WAIT. The person I spoke to was helpful and honest about the results you will get with their pie maker saying that to get perfectly looking pies like the ones on their box took many tries and some luck.

But that’s the reason why you are here to learn how to bake great looking pies with our tips found nowhere else on the Internet or Babycakes manual.

Either way we still get complaints about mini pie makers burning pies. This can easily be avoided by following a few simple tips.
I followed their instructions, but I not only still ended up with burnt pie edges, but the top crust’s center did not bake fully through.
After a few attempts and trying new options, I discovered a few tips that ensure perfectly baked mini pies, each and every time:

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Quick Notes on Use and Care


Before cleaning the pie maker, be sure power is off and unit is unplugged.
Do not use abrasives or metal scourers as they will scratch and damage the non-stick surface.


Always clean after each use to prevent food buildup and even baking.
Cleaning may be easier while unit is slightly warm.
To clean plates, wipe with warm damp cloth.
If food residue builds up, spray with a little lemon juice and wipe clean.
To clean exterior, wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a soft dry cloth.