Emeril Pie Maker Review

First of all, I want to say that the Emeril Pie Maker bakes up beautiful mini pies.This pie maker cooks the pie crust almost perfectly. It did not burn the pie edges, not one bit.

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Review Rating

Overall Rating: (2.5 / 3)
Performance: (2.7 / 3)
Construction: (2.5 / 3)
Cost: (2.0 / 3)
Customer Service: (0.5 / 3)
You will be happy with it.
Bakes consistently.
Good quality.
Pie maker moderately priced.
Limited support, short hold time.


  • Model Number: SM2205004
  • Capacity: Four Pie Cavities
  • Mini Pie Size: 4 (four) inches diameter
  • Personal Pie Filling Capacity: 1/3 Cup (about one third cup)
  • Baking Power: 1100 Watts
  • Cooking Surface: Non-Stick
  • Included Accessory: Pastry Cutter
  • Color: Black exterior
  • Dimensions: 13.3″ x 14″ x 5″ high.
  • Weight: 6.6 lb. 13 oz.
  • Warranty: One Year Limit

Phone Customer Support

Have a question about your pie maker?
Call customer service: 1-800-395-8325
Emeril Pie Maker website:

Instruction Manual

Download or view the Emeril Pie and Cake Maker Manual here:
Emeril Pie Maker Manual

Emeril is of good quality

The Emeril Pie and Cake Maker is a well-constructed kitchen accessory and a plus if you like to bake mini cakes. The metal pie cavities are large and easy to handle.

The unit can bake four personal pies at the same time. Each cavity can hold two circles of pie dough plus about 1/3 cup of filling.

I didn’t care too much for their pastry cutter that came with the unit. It’s solid and made well. However, it makes too long of a slit cut alone the edges. If you don’t pinch these slits together tightly, your pie filling will leak out and burn some.

Since the heating elements don’t get as hot has some other pie makers, believe it or not, it makes less of a mess while baking. Even if your pie filling should spill out, it will not smoke, it just sets there and boil.

Because of the lower heat, the pies took longer to bake. This could be a good or bad thing. This time it’s a good thing because it gave plenty of time for your pie filling to completely cook.

Since it took longer to bake pies in the Emeril pie maker, your filling will have plenty of time to cook fully. Your filling will thicken and left up the top crust while it’s boiling. This action forces the top crust to touch the hot plate for browning.

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My first attempt with the Emeril pie maker:

  • 10 minutes baking – In the first ten minutes of baking, the pies were not done. The centers of the top crust were still very much raw looking. They needed much much more time to bake.
  • 12 minutes of baking – At 12 minutes into baking the pies still looked the same. This pie maker bakes mini pies slowly compared to Breville.
  • It finally finished baking at 20 minutes.

So, if you plan to bake a double crust pie, you’ll need about 20 minutes.

Baking Tips for doubled crust pies:

  1. Completely build your pies in the pie maker. Brush the tops with cream or a light egg-wash.
  2. Close the lid and plug in the pie maker. Let it bake for ten minutes.
  3. Crack the lid with two popsicle sticks. Continue to bake five more minutes.
  4. The filling should be boiling, and the top crust should have also risen. Close the lid for 4-5minutes longer. This last closure will brown your pie tops.
  5. Unplug the pie maker and allow the pies to rest with the lid open for 5-10 minutes. If you try to remove your pies while they are still very hot, they might fall apart.

Pie spills:

If your filling should start to boil over. Do not fret. You can wipe the pie maker clean with a damp cloth after you remove the pies.

Using pre-made pie crust:

It is recommended to use puffed pastry for the tops and pie crust for the bottoms.
Pies will bake in about 15-20 minutes, give or take three minutes.
Puffed pastry tops should brown in about 8 minutes Crack. lid and bake for 8 minutes more, or until your filling is done.

Pie dough for double crust.

  1. Bake 10 minutes with lid close.
  2. Bake 10 minutes with lid cracked.
  3. Bake 5 minutes more with lid close to brown the pie tops.

Quick Notes on Use and Care

First time use

Thoroughly clean the baking plates with warm water and dish soap. Please no abrasive cleaners. Rinse with a warm soaked dish cloth and let dry.

Wipe over the pie plates using a paper towel dipped in a little vegetable cooking oil. Remove any excess oil.

Close the lid fully and plug into power outlet.

On first use, there may be a slight odor and a little smoke in the beginning. This is okay. Let it heat for 10 minutes.

Unplug pie maker, and allow to cool. Rinse one more time to remove any residual.

It’s now ready for use.


Before cleaning the pie maker, be sure power is off and unit is unplugged.
Do not use abrasives or metal scourers as they will scratch and damage the non-stick surface.


Always clean after each use to prevent food buildup and even baking.
Cleaning may be easier while unit is slightly warm.
To clean plates, wipe with warm damp cloth.
If food residue builds up, spray with a little lemon juice and wipe clean.
To clean exterior, wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a soft dry cloth.