WarrenPie Baker
Pies are my game.

Who Am I?

I’m the Pieguy and do I bake pies, about two to four pies a week. And yes I love to eat pies and share with friends.
  • California State Fair Blue Ribbon Fruit Pie Winner
  • Published recipes in cookbooks and newspaper
  • Requested by friends to bake them a pie (or pies)

About The Site

I found reviews written on the Internet were either misguided or just not factual. You see, those who leave reviews really don’t know what they are writing about. A reviewer that has not used different mini pie makers can’t tell you for sure this one is better than another one.

You can’t give a fair review if you just used one pie maker. They had nothing to compare with but their expectations. It might be fine for scammy products but not for reputable pie makers. You would not know which one is the best. You got to use them all. Your opinions will change. You might give a pie maker a higher rating or a lower score after you KNOW what’s on the market.

However, the most important thing is you must use them and not just once. I have work with a few pie makers and guess what, I really bake pies in them.

Because of the social media age, the consumer is empowered to not to be brain washed from advertisers. Advertisers are coming less and less effective. They can’t just say they are great; they must be great. My site the mini pie maker works toward the goal of informing you with information about pie makers so you can make a wise purchase.

The best advertisement is delivering the finest product and service; that is the goal of mini pie maker to find the best pie maker that offers this and fantastic performance.