Pie Maker Tips

Ready to get started? Here are just a few tips for how to best work with your mini pie maker; the two most important steps, cleaning and preventing cracks in your dough.   READ MORE

Did your bottom crust crack?

You may notice a crack in the bottom of your mini pies once they have finished baking. This sometimes happens when butter or fats in the dough have not been fully incorporated prior to rolling out, and the dough will pull apart from itself during the first stage of baking. This can be prevented by making sure the butter in the dough is fully mixed into the dry ingredients prior to rolling out your mini pies.

For added security against breaks follow this tip: After cutting out the dough, chill it and then dust thoroughly with flour. Mold the chilled, dusted dough over a mini pie tamper and carefully place the dough into the hot metal cavity to bake. This will keep the mini pie dough in its correct shape while still cold, and it will bake into a perfect form with more ease.

Cleaning your pie maker

Cleaning your mini pie maker is crucial, and if done properly it can considerably extend the life of your mini pie maker. Unfortunately, simply wiping down the mini pie maker after use is not advisable to keep your mini pie maker working in good condition long after its purchase.

The easiest way to clean your mini pie maker is as follows:
Open the mini pie maker like a book, and use a wet, soapy cloth to clean all the surfaces. Make sure not to miss any nooks and crannies that may harbor caramelized sugars.

Allow the excess liquid to drip down onto a clean kitchen towel, or into the sink. Rinse your cloth to remove any extra soap, wring out the cloth, and wipe the mini pie maker down. Leave the mini pie maker open to air dry completely, then put away until the next use.

Use a paper towel to wipe the mini pie maker in between batches of mini pies. Do not use abrasive substances to clean, or you might scratch the surface of the mini pie maker.

If you have a real mess and it’s sticky, just add a little water to each pie cavity. Plug it in for about five minutes and allow the steam to loosen the baked on sugars and crust. Unplug the unit and allow it to cool for a minute or so and wipe clean. This has worked for me every time and prevents using any thing harsh that could ruin your pie makers baking surface.