Popsicle Sticks – The Secret Tool to Beautiful Mini Pies

Popsicle sticks?

I know you are wondering how popsicle sticks are the secret to making golden delicious mini pies. We are using the sticks to regulate heat applied to the top crust.

One major problem with mini pie makers is they offer no controls to regulate the temperature of the hot plates.

All ovens we use for baking have thermostats to set the temperatures. Why not mini pie makers? For some odd reason not one pie maker on the market allows you to set the temperature of the heating plates.

golden mini pie

We want golden mini pies like this one. Right?

Popsicle sticks are the ideal tool to use. They are cheap, and for most of you you can get it free. Now you have a use for those sticks after finishing your ice cream bar.

Popsicle sticks won’t damage the non-stick surface of your pie maker. They can be exposed to a lot of heat. And best of all, if they become ugly or damage, you can easily replace them.

It will take two to four popsicle sticks to regulate the pie maker’s temperature.

What we are doing is quite easy. Pie makers cook on contact. So if we can move the hot plate away from the surface of the pie but still have the heat on, we can in a sense stop the browning but still allow the pie to bake.

I always taught that higher temperatures brown the pie crust and lower temperatures bake the pie filling.

I face two problems with pie makers:

  • Filling – The crust bakes before the filling has a chance to cook or set.
  • Crust – The edges of the pie burns prior to when the pie is complete baked.

Guess what? Our popsicle sticks will solve both issues very nicely.

If the crust is golden brown to your liking, but the filling has not cooked or the filling is not bubbling, we can use our sticks.

pie-maker-with-popsicle-sticksYou will need to experiment here. Once the crust is done, open the pie maker. Place the sticks near the handle to pry open the pie maker just a tiny bit and close the lid down. If you find the crust still burns, add another stick to the stack to pry it open a little more. Keep adding until the crust stops browning but there is enough to completely cook the pie filling.

If the edges of your mini pies are burning which I find to be quite common with mini pie makers, use the popsicle sticks.

This is so common with these mini pie bakers. I call it the black ring of death.

In most cases, a stack of two sticks should stop the burning of the pie edges. Pry open the pie maker with the popsicle sticks just at the time when the pie edges start to darken.

Remember we are just regulating the temperature the mini pies are exposed to by moving the heat source further away from the pies. If you move too far apart, the temperature will be too low to bake your pies. So don’t get carried away prying open the pie maker.

In some makers, it is better to place the sticks at the rear of the maker. To do this you will need two sets of popsicle sticks. Place each set on the sides of the pie maker towards the rear.

I hope you enjoy this tip. Here are some other tips in baking mini pies.