Popsicle Sticks – The Secret Tool for Beautiful Mini Pies

Popsicle sticks?
I know you are wondering how popsicle sticks are the secret to making golden delicious mini pies. We are using the sticks to regulate heat applied to the top crust.

One major problem with mini pie makers is they offer no controls to regulate the temperature of the hot plates.

All ovens we use for baking have thermostats to set the temperatures. Why not mini pie makers? For some odd reason not one pie maker on the market allows you to set the temperature of the heating plates.

We want [...]

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Convert Pie Recipe to Mini Pie

Ok here’s the conversion breakdown:

Crust – How much will I need?
Filling – How much filling do I used? What is the preparation?
Baking time – How long should I bake my mini pie?

For your information on mini pies
Mini pies use more crust and less filling; it’s just a matter of the fact. Furthermore, mini pies bake a quarter of the time of a full 9″ pie.
The conversion is interchangeable for common mini pies
Instead of trying to cover every possible conversion out there for each mini [...]

Pie Maker Pastry Cutter – How to use it for the pie crust.

How to use the pastry cutter
Lightly flour the work surfaces the dough would be rolled on. Roll out the dough and dust the surface of the dough with more flour over a flat surface. You will cut out four pie tops using the smaller end and for pie bottoms (bases) using the larger end of the pastry cutter.

The pie cutter is more comfortable to use if you nest the Pastry Press (tamper) inside the Pastry Cutter and push down with the palm of your hand.

Start by gently placing [...]